Endgame Aran's

Ayo~ Just asking if there are any end game aran's out there and if so what range do you need to do the main bosses?


April 20, 2016

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@markred626: thanks for summoning me

Are you looking for the minimum requirements to kill certain bosses? Your control and how comfortable you are with the class are a big part of it, but we can run some basic numbers.
For the CRA bosses:
Queen and Von Bon take me 5 minutes each, capping 100%. If you're hitting 20-30mils, expect around 10-15 minutes, depending on your level of control.
Vellum and Pierre take me 10 minutes each. If you want to kill Vellum within the time limit, aim for 35-40mil lines to kill him comfortably. Pierre is the same as Queen and Von Bon more or less, just depends on how lucky you are with hats.

Hard Magnus takes me around 5-6 minutes of attacking. Seeing as you have to wait 15 minutes for drops anyway, hitting ~30 mil lines here will be plenty, but character control is an important factor.

Hell Gollux takes me around 2-3 minutes in total, and I take up about 35-40% of the allotted time for the jewel. You'll want 30-40 mil lines here to be comfortable.

For how that equates to range, I made a quick video on what kind of damage to expect with certain ranges, but keep in mind that these numbers are obviously just for regular mobs, so adjust for boss physical reduction, your %boss, and %defense ignore.
Also keep in mind that all these numbers will be changing once the revamp reaches us! I can make a separate comparison once we're there.

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oo, I am second main Aran, I need these answers too!

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