Fastest leveling class?

Alright, so im NOT looking for a class that has bossing potential or a class to pour money into and main.

Simply looking for a class to reach level 200 the fastest. I've looked into some classes on my own, but would prefer if people could help narrow down my choices, or mention something I've forgotten.

Luminous, Demon Avenger, Blaze Wizard, Kanna

Mainly creating this character to use as a bossing mule for my secondary computer, survivability ISNT a problem

May 30, 2016

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Honestly dude, play a Wind Archer, they're pretty strong and fast levelers and the mobbing is beautiful and it's shiny, and it's cool.


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In the character creation section in Maplestory, it says that "Mihile needs less experience to level up, then he can get sronger in no time" or something like this.

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Lumi, Kanna, or Kinesis (if you have damage)

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Luminous was usually the fastest to level out of almost every other class from what I tend to hear. Then again he's also the most boring for me, but that's a different topic aside.

I guess the classes I do have, Blaze Wizard, Jett (Don't ask how), and to some mild extent Angelic Buster level up pretty quick for me.

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Get to at least 70 on a Merc for link skill first (5-6 hours of work depending on reboot)

If you did do it on a BW you'd get mad style points. BW hyper attack is probably the coolest & one of the rarest.

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Lumi/Kanna, I'd personally put them in that order, i feel like late game training Luminous is easier.

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lumi if you have a kanna mule to help him otherwise kanna

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I would go with a Kanna or Luminous.

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I made a lv190 kanna mule in a week

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Any class is fast if you believe in Suism ~Aquiver of Scania~

But in all seriousness, the fastest leveling character will always be luminous. If you want a class that'll pay you back, fund an f/p or I/L. Both are powerful, easy to fund and easy to hit high damage with

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demon avenger. it requires zero funding so its fast to use and lvls up quick. also very strong and good looking

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