Coming back to Maple for 5th Job

So recently came back from an overseas trip to America having to find out that 5th jobs have been released and a bunch of events had come and gone. I'm getting used to the new UI and other aspects in the game slowly and reading patch/update notes but what are V coins and Arcane drops? Im assuming they're 5th job related things, but having a hard time understanding what they do/meant for.

Any help would be strongly appreciated. (If someone asked something similar, please direct me to their thread)


December 23, 2016

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What masinko said except you don't have to go to the event hall for the coin shop, it's in at least Hene and Leafre too. Not sure if it's in other towns.

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V-Coins: The coin event currency for the current event going on. To see what you can buy with them, go to the event hall and talk to the NPC to see if there's anything in the shop that you can use. If so, read the patch notes to see how you can farm the coins you need to buy what you want.

Arcane Drops: I'm assuming you're talking about one of two things. First one being Nodestones. When you get to 5th job, you'll notice that you have access to the V-Matrix in your 5th job skills. Depending on your level, you'll have a certain amount of slots available to use nodes, which can have skills or skill boosts. You can level up these nodes (via the Node Master NPC in the Nameless Town). A Nodestone will give you a random node (including ones that may not apply to your class). You can use existing nodes to upgrade your current nodes if they are compatible to be upgraded. If they don't apply, you can dismantle them for nodeshards to either craft nodestones (which is a waste, imo) or a node that revolves around a skill node that you want (which is what you should do). Dismantling, upgrading and creating nodes are done via the Node Master NPC in the Nameless Town.

The other thing I'm assuming you're talking about with the Arcane Drops are Arcane Symbols. So if you open your equips, you'll see there's a new tab available called Arcane. You fuse new symbols you collect with one that you have equipped to give it exp. Once enough symbols are fused with it, it can level-up it up (costs mesos) giving you more stats and Arcane Force. Arcane Force is like the star force of the new maps, if you don't have enough of it in enough maps, you'll face a damage penalty based on how much arcane force you're missing.

Monsters in the new Arcane maps have a very low chance of dropping Nodestones and Arcane symbols (like lunar dew level, but nodestones are far more frequent than arcane symbols for mob drops). You can also get up to 8 Arcane Symbols daily by doing the Daily Quests in the Lake Of Oblivion after completing the quest line for it.

tl;dr: V-Coins, this events coins. Nodestones, used to get and upgrade your 5th job skills. Arcane Symbols, the new star force, gives stats.

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