Returning with numbers

So I'm returning to this game with a couple of veteran player friends!

They're coming back for some nostalgia points and we're all aiming to hit our bucket lists in Maplestory.
We're pretty lucky due to the burning event so we can level our characters pretty quickly, but are there any guilds in any worlds that would let us join?

My friends dont really mind which world we play at, as long as theres a great, friendly, socially active guild to join and communicate with.

One of my friends has already started in Scania, so if there are any guilds in Scania still recruiting players, that would be some nice bonus points

Thanks for any help guys!

April 2, 2017

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if you are truly looking for nostalgia, i suggest you google maplestory v62 and refer to top 100 list to play the one you like.

Reply April 5, 2017

inb4 everyone but you quits

Reply April 2, 2017

The prospect of returning to this game seems grim.

Reply April 2, 2017