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I found something funny So I was about to take a shower when I noticed this poster on my little brothers door and realized, "OMG, he's a BaM casting dark aura". hahahah anyway take a look [url=]He's a casting his aura![/url]

0 December 28, 2010

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i agree with zefirus, reminds me more of blue aura... doesnt seem purple-black enough to me
Reply December 28, 2010

[quote=JamesKing]Nexon- brb, sueing Tron Legacy[/quote] Wrong, Tron Legacy originated from 1982 which was before Maplestory was started. SO Tron Legacy can sue Nexon.

Reply December 28, 2010

[quote=Zefirus]Moar liek blue aura amirite?[/quote] ehh the atmosphere + the shade of the circle makes me lean more towards dark

Reply December 28, 2010
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