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Heliseum Reclamation Questline

So I finally got around to starting this quest line to find some Tyrant equips. Which bosses are the best to kill for Tyrant equips (besides Magnus)? And please let me know how to get to that boss as well.


0 January 16, 2013

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Oh I see then. One more question: can I get tyrant equips from normal Magnus? Or only hard mode?

Reply January 16, 2013

Treglow, Victor, and Velderoth drop Nova and Heliseum equips. Not sure if anything drop Tyrant equips.

Reply January 16, 2013

Victor, Tegrow, Velderoth.

Something like that

Reply January 16, 2013

I forgot the name, but just do the entire quest line and the last boss I ASSUME has the best drop rate.

Edit: Oh I didn't notice the word Tyrant. You can't get Tyrant from the mini bosses, only from Magnus.

Reply January 16, 2013 - edited