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Active, talkative, friendly people for Virtus

Hi guys,

First and foremost, I know you guys will try and direct me to the listings section, but that doesn't get as much traffic as the General section, and that would defeat the purpose of making a post at all so please bare with me.

I'm BadAsBlades, a junior master in Virtus of Broa. Due to a large number of members too busy with life to play games, we've recently taken a hit on active members. That's where you guys come in: As the title states, we'd like active, talkative, and friendly members for the guild. Here are some details for you guys:

We are currently allianced with TeamRocket alliance, consisting of: beStupid, Hanyu, Outkast, Forte, and ourselves.

[b]What we do[/b]: Boss runs, LHC/HoH/Evo Grind parties during 2x, chat and have a good time.

[b]What we want[/b]: Active, talkative friends who don't mind our silliness. No need to be 10 hours/day active, though we'd appreciate if you logged on to chat with us. Be proactive! So many people join us, but leave because "we weren't making them feel welcome". In reality, these are the people that never chat in guild chat, never respond to our messages, even when they're active, and expect us to focus all our attention on them.

[b]What we don't want[/b]: Hackers, Scammers, KSers (without reason). These are one time offenses for which you'll be kicked if you're found guilty of.

[b]Who to contact[/b]: Myself (BadAsBlades), MajikHearts, Tapalpa, Jackization (his main is Jackious, but if he is not online he will be AFK in his shop on Jackization), Katable, SugarSouffie (our leader) if you're lucky enough to catch him not AFK.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below or ask me in game!


0 June 10, 2013

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[quote=Splutter]omg will get out.[/quote]

I just want my guild to be popular

Reply June 10, 2013

Well, here I am because I'm Broan as well!

Reply June 10, 2013

omg will get out.

Reply June 10, 2013

This is going to get deleted. If you were going to make a forum post at ALL, you should have made it in the Guilds forum. But advertising your guild is still against the rules, even there. Not our rules, we didn't make 'em. But we gotta abide 'em.

Use listings. We have to, you have to too.

Reply June 10, 2013

hmm maybe i joins

Reply June 10, 2013 - edited

This will probably be deleted soon. Refer to listings

Reply June 10, 2013 - edited


Asking for mesos, no. Asking for help on how to get mesos, yes.

Reply June 10, 2013 - edited

Do you accept noobs who always ask for mesos?

Reply June 10, 2013 - edited