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Anyone else?

So I'm not sure what "Pet Box problem" the USC was supposed to fix, but I guess there's another issue with it right now. As I was opening my box, I scrolled over the options a few times to make up my mind, when the game crashed. Upon logging back in, I found that there was no more gift box in my inventory, nor did I receive any pet.

Let me know if any of you had the same experience

0 August 7, 2013

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J...d out ...

Reply August 7, 2013

I just started patching so I'm glad I didn't encounter this problem. All you can hope for is wait for nexon tocompensate you with the pet like they said they would.

Reply August 7, 2013

They're going to fix these nx gift problems soon.

Reply August 7, 2013

Again, it happened after the USC was finished if I haven't made that clear already.

Reply August 7, 2013

[quote=Se7enties]when they said later date what exactly did u think[/quote]

Gee, I thought it'd be an hour at the most, I mean the folks at Nexon are very dedicated with resolving game issues

Reply August 7, 2013


I expected not to have this happen [i]after[/i] the USC finished.

Reply August 7, 2013