Serious help, recently came back

Hello everyone, I took a year or two break and I have recently came back to Maplestory. With all these new updates and everything, for some reason every time I log in it would not let me play, I would wait for the two icons on the right (Part time job and the other icon which I completely forgot) and still it would not work. I did do a technique where I would go on one character and d/c then go onto my main character and it would work (only works if I click on star planet), however, every time I try going into Cash Shop it would disconnect. It has been a consistent problem and it's pretty repetitive and troublesome. Any help please?

December 4, 2015

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@seatillite: Thank you for clarifying that its a bit hectic, I wouldn't have known because I just started.

Reply December 4, 2015

The game is sorta on fire right now, Nexon...might have it under control? There have been some technical quirks lately. Do the thing that Maplers old and new do best, and that's wait for it to get fixed

Reply December 4, 2015