General Evan

Dragon Thrust vs Illusion at Max Damage I decided to do the math and calculate how good dt is if you cap with it. This might help you determine whether the funding to do caps with dt is worth it or not. Dragon thrust: 480 ms Illusion: 660 ms I'll assume max damage (999,999) is being done with both skills. Dragon thrust's hits per min: 1s/0.480ms = 2.0833 attacks per sec 2.0833 x 60 = 125 attacks per min Dpm: 125 x 3m(3 lines per dt)= 375m per min Dragon sparkling's activation: 125m x 0.40 = 50m So DT at cap would be an average of 425mil damage per min. Illusion's hits per min: 1s/0.660ms = 1.5151 hits per sec 1.5151 x 60 = 90.9090 hits per min Dpm: 90.9090 x 4m = 363.6363m damage per min. Dragon Sparkling's activation: 90.9090 x 0.40 = 36.3

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