Scrolling a Weapon with Prime Scrolls I am planning on buying NX to perfect my Weapon with Prime Scrolls. Would this be the cheapest way to scroll my weapon? Already have 10 Prime scrolls. Already have cubed weapon. Innocence Weapon. 50% hammer / innocence until bother hammers succeed. Shielding Ward & Shield Scroll & Guardian Scroll (8025 NX per try) and prime scroll weapon until all scrolls work Should I buy 2 100% hammers from cash shop instead? All help is appreciated. Thanks!

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My parents cant accept me 2 Hey, I posted a thread about 3 years ago. The responses were very helpful. If you guys haven't read my first thread, the link is here... Anyways I wanted to update you guys in the situation. I wanted to thank xgreencutix for her comment in my old thread. I took her suggestion and I told my parents they wouldn't be true parents if they couldn't accept me. My parents did not care and I ended up moving out to my girlfriends house. I'm 22 years old now and we are still together. We live in an apartment together now and we are great. However, I have not seen my parents for the past 3 years. I thought I would go back home in the new years because I real

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Just got back to maple and got scammed by Disfunctions I just looked him up on basilmarket threads and it seems like he's a pretty well know scammer in Scania. I know I was wrong not to do my research first but he gave me 3 pimp chairs as collateral and took my item for anviling. Didn't give back my item afterwards. I learn Chairs are hard to sell afterwards. Not raging or pissed at anything because I just started playing again but at least I got the chairs to sell? (I don't really call that a win) Anyways, this was just to inform more people about Disfunctions is a scammer. Thanks for listening and happy mapling!

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