Bossing for Paladins

Hello all Paladins:

I am a level 184 paladin in this account as a main, I was wondering what my range would need to be in the current meta to be able to solo bosses or is that impossible? Paladins, were not exactly the best warriors or rather the more popular choice.

I fell in love with them, since they had the shield skill that could block attacks and dizzy an opponent

March 31, 2019

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Depends on which bosses you want to solo. Pallies have an easy job surviving for obvious reasons, so the big problem is the timer.

My pally's at about 5.6m range and can comfortably solo cra, empress, hmag, and czak but seems to be too weak for ndamien and nlotus. (I think if I'd survived longer I could've killed Damien, especially if I had a pt member, but it was close).

Definitely make sure to get to 200 and get your 5th job though, doing basically anything pre-200 is really uncommon because of how much stronger you can get post-5th.

Reply April 1, 2019