The reason Kthxbainao got banned A little bit of background info for the uninformed: KthxBaiNow was an active community manager who forwarded players' requests to Nexon. He played the game and was interactive with players, and the Community's general attitude on KthxBaiNow was pretty good. However, KthxBaiNow was fired 2 days ago(12/6/2016) for reasons Nexon refuses to say So this all started when a reddit user took to reddit to protest his items getting lost. Link: KthxBaiNow took up the reddit users' case, and promised to provide a response. The next day, KthxBaiNow was fired. Link: And the following today on 12/8/2016, Nexon updates their code of conduct on the forums: Namely, Nexno says, "The forum community is handled by forum moderato

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