Caligraphy Requests - Again

Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone has any calligraphy requests for me. I can write names or IGNs or whatever, but I'm just looking to get in a little more practice and show you guys your favorite words or what have you in pretty letters.

Let me know what you'd like written and I'll do my best to make it bootifur!

Completed Requests:
@royalkiss: [url=] Banana Baby [/url]
@sirkibble: [url=] Fairy [/url]
@keyan22: [url=] Go Mir [/url]
@repentant: [url=] Repent [/url]
@mybuliets: [url=] Mellunzzzz [/url]
@ecarina: [url=] Your IGN [/url]
@helpingly: [url=] Happy biffdaaaayyyy Jasmine[/url]!
@javirocks: [url=] Go Aran[/url]!
@tinythuy: [url=] I misunderstood the context[/url]... thought you were Duy writing to Thuy and soo... sorry about that. But that's the great thing about relationships, it doesn't matter who says, "I love you" so long as you both know it's true

July 15, 2016

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@holydragon i'm not going ot lie i kind of want to do it, just to see how far I can get on the first try... lol

Reply July 24, 2016

@holydragon: do you want to put in a name other then my BasilMarket handle? I can send it to you to give to someone. Little morbid though haha. But I may charge you...

Reply July 20, 2016

@hangwithhung omg thank you so much! i'm absolutely in love with your calligraphy

Reply July 20, 2016

Shoveling sand into my gaping mouth. Gravel fills my body. I am becoming one with the earth
Join me in the ground we will coalesce into the soil together.
stone, and dirt, and worms. Clay, salt, and new life springing from our rotting flesh.
We will grow a forest from our bodies. Show me how fast you can decompose.
Help me rot into the earth.
tell me, hangwithhung, have you ever considered becoming sustenance for the beetles and ants?
The roots of trees twining through your bones.
seeds will grow
filling our empty hearts
new, green, shoots unfurling
the sunlight bakes the dirt.
the rain falls.
No one knows what lies beneath.
we will live again through nature no longer confined to these human bodies.
hangwithhung are you there.
do you hear me?
help me sink into the mud of the forest.
this encounter, fleeting, impermanent, just like our time upon this earth
we will all end someday
hangwithhung, we will become one in death
I cannot wait for you to join me.

Reply July 20, 2016

Amazing work mate. The way you draw your E's are rad.

Reply July 17, 2016 - edited

I would love to request something! um um, can you do "Thuy & Duy Forever and Always!" ;w; or just "I love you Duy" >.< thanks!

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Hmm... try this one:
"I'll take you all on!"- Aran

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You're back!

Great to see that you're back in action.

"Happy Birthday Jasmine" Would be mine. I got a lot more requests if you have the time

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Ooh wow that's really cool thanks!

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@mybuliets and @Ecarina I finished yours but I can't put the tag in right now, my phones all icky. They're my latest two posts on my TheLazyNib page on IG though.

@tashie I hope I've gotten better! Most of it is in the flourishes though.

@sploggles Tbh I can't tell. But in the upstrokes and thinner lines you can definitely tell the nib is scratching the paper and moving too much back and forth on its way up. That and I have a very, very heavy hand. I grip the holder too hard and that's probably why it's so shaky haha

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You've gotten better! still in awe of how you do these haha

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How about my Basil ID?

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Cursive and italic please !

Reply July 15, 2016 - edited

@keyan22 it's a work in progress. upper case/capital letters have so much variation it's a little scary how wild they can get haha

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@hangwithhung: This made me smile Both you and your calligraphy is awesome, thank you!

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I love these. Welcome back.

I'd like "My Friend's Dad Can't Be This Hot!?" for me please.

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Wright "Go, Mir! I choose you!" ~Evan" for me please

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hi can you write "banana baby" for me thankies

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