Corsair Bossing

So I'm looking for a class that can boss well and I haven't played my corsair seriously when it comes to bossing - I've only been doing SDH which was quite a pain BTW - and I was considering coming back to my sair.

I don't have many good equips, just clean CRAs and that's about it. I have roughly 130k range buffed I think and I was wondering how well corsairs scale with equips. Given their high ark multiplier I thought basic equips like reinforced/superior gollux stuff would get it farther than on other characters but I'm not sure. I want to be able to solo normal gollux and continue funding my corsair from selling those equips but idk if its going to be as efficient as other classes.

How do you find corsairs to be in terms of scaling and if I were to choose nt sair for bossing purposes, what's the best way to boss at normal gollux with? (Hoping to eventually be able to do hard).

May 6, 2015

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thunder breaker is op pirate if you got stronk fingering power

Reply May 10, 2015

Corsairs are very low on the DPS list and require a lot more gear to match up with other classes.

As for gollux, this is what I do.
1. Set up your octopus on the right side. (Hopefully your octopus is strong enough to kill the mobs)
2. Stay on the right side facing right and attack with rapid fire.
3. Use recoil to avoid his attacks.
4. After each attack, use Eight Leg on the left side to clear it of mobs.
5. Optional head shot before moving back to the right.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 until the chin's dead.
7. Once the chin's dead, throw an octopus in the middle of the bottom where the portal is.
8. Go to the higher platform and stay on the far left and attack the eyes.
9. Go down and reset the octopus once and a while if needed.
10. Kill the gem.
12. Profit.

I've found a good familiar and a soul really helps with the mobs as well.

Reply May 7, 2015

Pirates have it rough because we need a lot more funding to be just as good / fast at bosses compared to others. I've heard that the % on Rapid fire is kind of low too. Since you can move while using it though, it sounds like your best tool at Gollux for moving back and forth in the middle when they head is looking at you. For the eyes, if Rapid fire or any other 3rd / 4th job skills are able to reach the eyes from the very left of the platform, you're in a comfortable position.

Other than that, just get familiar with Gollux's skills. The eyes portion seems like he's spamming global attacks when you first start out, but if you watch some videos / read some tutorials / do it yourself, you'll learn the safer spots and timing.

Good luck!

Reply May 6, 2015