BB and Cooldown Time Question

So BB's cooldown time is reduced by 3 seconds for every 50 fury absorbed. This means for me to have BB on 100% of the time, I need to absorb 1000 fury.

Does using attacks like DI absorb fury? If so, how much? I never really paid attention. And when you want to keep BB on 100% of the time, how do you go about timing it? Or is that not possible to achieve?

December 15, 2016

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@hangwithhung I'm assuming this is for bossing, since mobbing is fully covered by Cerberus.

I don't really use Demon Lash all that often, but I haven't been able to hit the top level of bossing yet, so I can't say much about that end. The only thing I really do is look at the buff cooldown on my skill hotkeys and go from there. However, I think that using Demon Lash for about maybe 7-10 seconds should do it? I haven't ever tried because most of the bosses that I can fight usually don't need micromanaging Blue Blood to take down. As of right now, though, I just use Demon Impact for the entirety of Blue Blood, then simply wait out the CD since it comes out to about 10~15 seconds of downtime.

Of course, all this won't matter once you hit 5th job and use Demon Awakening. Demon Lash becomes better than Impact and Cerberus auto activates every 5 seconds. All the fury.

Reply December 20, 2016

@zeythes thanks for your in depth response. So given that the uptime can be pretty high, do you resort to using Demon Lash to absorb additional Fury? If so, how do you time yourself to know when you've pretty much absorbed all the fury needed so you can go back to spamming Impact? Just drain your bar and count the number of times it's been replenished?

Reply December 20, 2016

No, Demon Impact does not naturally absorb Demon Fury from monsters, only when the monsters are killed.

I usually get about 65~80% uptime on Blue Blood during bossing, because Cerberus Chomp essentially guarantees about 20~25 seconds cut off. Not to mention boss summons which can be abused by Chomp and Demon Cry both to absorb large amounts of Fury with two moves.

Mobbing is an entirely different beast, and a great one at that. The abundance of targets to hit basically means Chomp cuts off upwards of 24 seconds if you hit 8 targets with it per 5 seconds, plus the additional fury from killing everything else.

Reply December 20, 2016