Best way to go about fund myself?

I know there are a lot of guides and a lot of different opinions out there, but everybody's situation is different so I decided it'd be best to share my circumstances and receive some feedback for what I can do.

So I've recently come back to Maple and I'm playing on a very, very broke character with rather poor equips. At the moment I'm not looking to make hundreds of Mil in a week quite yet (though I could always do with suggestions for how to make money faster, as my life would be much easier), as much as I am trying to prepare myself for future Spell Fever events, Miracle Times, and other events where I can collect scrolls and other upgrades, etc. My daily routine has been doing what few dailies I can (an NL with only 120k at lv 180 does not a very good bosser make) for RP and hitting up Mystic Gates for Crusader Coins to trade in for Spell Traces, because these smaller, incremental adjustments are probably the best I can do with my given situation. At the moment I'm still looking to find a guild cos I need myself some end game gear and definitely cannot solo any cRA bosses on my own, but I assume once I find a strong guild/ally, I'll be able to do this latter part rather quickly.

I'm not sure if this makes too much of a difference but I am looking to finish my Gollux and Commerci prequests, but to what extent I can leverage those quests for money/self gains, I'm still a little lost.

Assuming I still can't find a guild/alliance (as I play during weird hours of the day) what would your suggestion be for properly setting up my character, besides simply waiting and collecting whatever items I can, for now? Am I even approaching this the correct way or have I got this completely backwards?


November 30, 2016

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Join reboot and Ill help you. Its not worth wasting money on pay 2 win servers

Reply December 2, 2016

@littletlk I don't seem to be getting very many equips from Gallos :o mostly just the tails lol. Besides bossing for Pensalirs, any other places where I could find some?

@camptree I'm definitely saving up on those gloves haha. thanks!

Reply December 2, 2016

If you can kill Blackheart, do Dimension Invasion PQ to get High Quality Dimension Gloves. Scroll them during spell trace fever with 70% scrolls. You can probably sell each of those for about 500mil if you pass all 7 scrolls.

I suggest daily bosses (Zak, Horntail, Easy Mag, Hilla, Ranmaru, Von Leon) and do daily Gollux and Commerci once you finish the prequests. Wouldn't hurt to level more.

Reply December 1, 2016

@hualicious haha but I can see the potential for it now, given that they can sell for a pretty decent price and the useless equips I always pick up can actually be used for something positive now haha

Reply November 30, 2016

@hangwithhung: That's also why my characters are mainly Alchemists for the extracting and fusing purpose. I told you about fusing items but forgot to tell you about extracting the items for Superior Item Crystals. Lv100 and higher got a chance to give you Superior Item Crystals, however I did get a Superior Item Crystal from a Lv98 mage overall.

Reply November 30, 2016

@nessit @littletik @gakinotsukai I had considered gollux before but I actually had not thought about the item crystals haha. that's actually a really interesting thing to do and I think I'm going to start doing that. thanks so much!

Reply November 30, 2016

Nessity's method is the merching route, littletlk is more consistent. If you get lucky Nessity's route is faster, but if you get unlucky you're scraping off of nothing for a long time. littletlk will at least get you a steady cash flow so it feels like you're getting some income.

As not mentioned but probably implied, just work towards both at the same time. There really isn't some secret method to making a bil in a couple of minutes unless you're feeding Nexon NX.

Reply November 30, 2016

Farm level 140 equips from mobs in Malaysia. Gallos in "Entrance to the Spooky World" have a decent drop for them.
Extract them (either using a 1 meso extractor another player has set up in ardent, or become an alchemist) for superior item crystals. Sell them for 1-1.5m each. A lot of stores in the FM will have a buy tab that you can use to sell to the owner of the store (this way, you don't need to buy your own store).

This will make you a lot of money and help get you your first few hundred mil. Combined with daily bossing, you should be pulling in at least 50m a day doing this.

Reply November 30, 2016

Granted it's going to take a while but i would do gollux and get the superior ring/earrings anf try your best to get them to unique. Sell them and go from there.

Reply November 30, 2016