Any use for the Magic Christmas Stockings

I'm getting a lot of Reboot coins. Apparently I'm supposed to go to the Maple Admin in the Event Hall to trade in old coins but I can't find anything for it. Has anyone else gotten anything interesting/useful from the Christmas Stockings?

December 8, 2016

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@lokii see that's what I thought too. but recently someone was going on about how it was still up and whatever and I think the timestamp for one of the posts was in the past month soooo I thought it might still be there.

The one thing I can't fathom is why Nexon decided to leave Reboot coins in here, cos they're absolutely useless. It could just be an accident, which would then be really annoying. Usually you get usable coins haha

Reply December 8, 2016

Isn't the maple admin old coin exchange event over? I could be wrong about this

Reply December 8, 2016