Rai Sanrenzan Fixed?

When I first started playing Hayato again a couple months back, using Sanrenzan had "this skill cannot be used properly" or something showing up in the chat text. Afterward, the text disappeared but people were still telling me it wasn't working properly.

At the moment the animation still feels the same (i'd expect another hit or something) and I just want some confirmation for whether it's been fixed or not.

Thanks in advance!

November 8, 2016

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@deeemon: ah well that's the thing, the last time I was playing people still were saying that the 3rd hit or bonus (or both) weren't working properly despite them removing the pink text haha. thanks for the confirmation!

Reply November 9, 2016

It's fixed. I think it was when the bonus attack wouldn't activate for Rai Sanrenzan. There's no text that appears anymore, dood.

Reply November 8, 2016