Which class do you think is more sustainable?

Kind of at a crossroads between NLs and DBs. Trying to make a decision sometime but I'd like your help.

I'm not comparing for damage because it's really a second priority for me. I'll get there when I get there, with different ways I can boss and make money and whatnot. Either way, from what I understand, the apparently massive differences in DPS assumes so many things that the lower end player can't achieve, such as dSI and MPE green pots on all the time, hitting cap when it was 50m, etc. Again, damage isn't really what I'm looking for.

Inb4 "play what you like." I like both classes in their ways but I haven't gotten far enough in the game to really understand the ins and outs of training on different mobs and bossing at higher levels, so whatever class suits those situations the MOST is really what I'm interested in. Having been said, how has your experience with NLs and DBs been in terms of ease and playability? What are some things about either class you've found you've begun to see more as enjoyable or irksome as you've progressed in each of the classes?

As an example, I feel that NL's mobbing is rather slow compared to DB's and that even though NL's potential for map clearing is great, I'm honestly not going to be OHKOing mobs at Warrior Grounds or something. As another example, the reason I haven't even considered Shads despite their power is because 1. again, funding and damage really isn't much of an issue but 2. shadowers felt very, very slow to me and finishing quests and getting around the Maple World feels clunky, and combat itself requires constant buffing. As I can't kill higher level mobs and bosses quickly, I'd be spending more time micromanaging skills than I would just hopping around the screen. But that's the kind of opinion I'm looking for.

Keep in mind I'm low on funds (only have a couple bil) and given that the funding will pretty much result in a similar damage output for either class, I'm just really looking for whatever class provides a smoother and easier gameplay. I'm also a decently casual player so I'll probably end up at higher level maps with relatively low damage so I'd like to know what it is I should keep my eyes peeled for, by that time.

Thanks in advance for the more in depth answers!

December 3, 2016

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@jaytokyo I do see that. It's kind of a poop to have the heavy inconsistency. However, I do like how tanky it can be, in that I can stand close and dodge/heal rather quickly. I don't feel like I can be back with just one hit haha. I think the relatively unstable damage might be something I might find bothersome, but at least FC and Blade Clone have the same cooldown time. Out of curiosity, how exactly does BC work? I get that the +10% Final Damage is basically a 1.1x multiplier, but is the 140% more like a Final Attack? And iirc, buff duration doesn't work with hypers, right?

@bigbater I heard MI was bugged, but if you get a pet, the autobuff makes life so easy.

Reply December 4, 2016

@jaytokyo: hey im wondering which buffs are really slow for db besides mirror image?

Reply December 4, 2016

Sure,sure; From a bossing standpoint I thoroughly enjoy Dual Blade for the simple fact that it's interactive. It's very situational instead of standing still and throwing stars with the occasional flash jump away, You have no choice but to pay attention if you can 1hko.

But, it is a double edged sword; You need to keep final cut on at all times or your damage is trash plus you need to take advantage of shadow meld which in itself is a hassle.

So you honestly don't have "stable" dmg. On top of that the skill animations for dual blade is really slow(the buffs) So tbh considering all of that and you have to stay extremely close to the enemy to any damage and if you die you gotta wait for the cool down for fc to pass.

For NL you're basically a turret that has to move out of the way then get back into position.

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@jaytokyo: Thanks for the response. I like the discussion aspect simply because it's a neutral way to discuss things and there won't be screaming from either end and nobody's really taking offense.

See I had considered that, but all the maps in maple have kind of changed up on me and I really only saw NL's potential for mobbing and damage being an OP player at either of the Drill Halls and able to 2-3 shot the boss mobs while aggro-ing remaining mobs to bunch them up, and then Showdown a few more times, rinse and repeat. That was pretty viable but now that the maps for training at higher levels are so much bigger and more difficult to bunch mobs, I'm wondering if Showdown itself is as great a skill for mobbing or not. Despite its decent damage, I feel that as mobs become increasingly difficult to kill, the playing field kind of evens out between the way the two have to train. Percentage wise, there's really no contest between damage of Showdown and Blade Fury. And also Showdown's +20% EXP is a huge boost, especially at higher levels. However, I'm kind of also thinking that the constant KB an NL has to take (cos I can't one shot everything) might end up making training more frustrating than enjoyable.

At any rate, in the end, grinding is really just jumping around and annoying the mobs so they follow you, and then slamming away with whatever AOE skill the class has, but honestly I think the way a DB kills (even if it's slower) is a bit more appealing.

Now bossing is where things can get a little trickier. Gollux recently was shut down, from what I see on others' posts, but I do know that NLs had probably the easiest time with taking it down as you could just stand in a corner. DBs are far more interactive and for other bosses, their damage is almost entirely based on cooldown skills, which means it's very "bursty" and therefore a bit more inconsistent when it comes to bosses. On the other hand, as you mentioned earlier, DBs definitely have an easier time surviving hits from bosses so if it comes down to just holding Phantom Blow until the boss's HP drops to 0, that's one way to go about doing it, too. Despite NL's damage (with same funding) being what, like twice that of a DB's, the constant lack of damage taking from the more mobile bosses that I plan to be able to solo (like RA) I think would make playing a DB easier in that regard. But again, I'm wondering how DBs have fared in that area cos I haven't done too much bossing on either but I already know how an NL's experience is going to be (I die a little too often lol).

I know you've already covered mobbing and I'm not sure if you have much else to say about that but if you could give me your take on bossing, too, that would be absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!

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See, these are the types of questions I can enjoy.

So basically from my perspective they are both equally enjoyable; Night Lord is most definitely faster in terms of mobbing than dual blade however they can hardly take a hit, which is where dual blade compensates for it's lack of mobbing it has a drain skill.

But considering you're low on funds Night Lord is a much better option, to have enough damage to really train after the level 200 point you need to at least have a semi-decent dmg. Meaning a scrolled katara and dagger plus gear. that's already more expensive than getting a claw and using events to and elite bosses to pot your death sender charm.

So in short; Dmg and easy training on a lower budget but with literally no defense, NL.

Dmg with moderately stale training but a huge variety of play styles on a much more intense budget, DB.
Nl suits your situation but do what you gotta do homie.

Reply December 3, 2016