P/c on tempest ring and scroll

I posted a auction for a 60% scroll for Matt(shield) for 75 mil but not sure what its worth(bera)
And I have a 3 lined epic tempest ring 6% int any idea on this is worth

March 28, 2013

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[quote=Meybeiferget]If they are dark scrolls that say 50% they're actually 30%. It's a typo. Classic nexon[/quote]

Classic indeed, it's been like that since they came out many many years ago.

Reply March 28, 2013

You won't get that much for a 60% mattack for shield, currently I am buying 50% ones for 50m which holds better yields in mattack. But to be honest they don't feel like 50% scrolls considering i failed 3 out of 4 already on my 3rd unwelcome mage shield.

Reply March 28, 2013

ring is 250m with a shop/in fm

Reply March 28, 2013 - edited