I am confused

So I'm reading the guide on Basilmarket on how to add my Outlaw since all my SP were restored. I am currently level 103, Outlaw. I maxed out everything on my 3rd Job Skill Book, except I have a level 1 on both Blunderbuster and Blackboot Bill. I read how people debate between maxing out Blunderbuster or Blackboot, that is why I added my skills backward cause I couldn't decide which to max. But the main question is, why do I have 41 SP left? I think 41 SP is more than I should be having since maxing out Blunderbuster and Blackboot Bill, I would need only 19 SP each. 19 + 19 = 38, so where did the extra SP came from and what to do with them?

Edit: Okay.. turns out I should have already gotten my 4th job. 4TH JOB? I thought 4th Job was at level 120. o3o

June 23, 2013

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Wish you would had comment earlier. I maxed out Blackboot Bill instead, and I definitely regret it. Oh wells. T ( o o ) T

Reply June 23, 2013

Yea the games changed a bit. 4th Job is now lvl 100, so you have a lot of extra sp left over. On you're first run to 200, you'll have most skills maxed with only a few left out, but by 170-180 you'll have all skills maxed in all jobs.

As for Blackboot bill and blunderbuster, I would just max buster. I know you would continue using blackboot in 4th job, but the difference isn't that big. It's still a 1 shot attack for a high % with unstable damage only used for kbing. Its kb value will not change even at lvl 1 to lvl 20, and you honestly might use it less than you think. Blunderbuster at least does more damage and has a high vertical range so it has some use here and there.

Reply June 23, 2013