Do Jr.Lioners still drop Silk Feathers?

So I'm doing the quest called "Amoria: The Sakura Garden 1."
I got the 25 Cherry Blosson Seeds and 10 leathers.
But so far, I've been in Jr. Lioners for an hour and have not find even 1 Silk Feather.
I have done this quest before Big Bang, but not after Big Bang.
Does anyone know if Jr. Lioners still drop Silk Feathers?

January 13, 2011

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i know gryphons do

Reply January 27, 2011 - edited

sakura cellion drops SOFT feather, not silk

Reply January 27, 2011 - edited

Are Sakura Cellions still around? I know they drop them

Reply January 17, 2011 - edited

I am wondering this as well...

I can't seem to find any updated information and have had no luck getting one myself.

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i think they do but that was pre bb

Reply January 13, 2011 - edited