Announcement for PTS Players

Hey guys, how you doing? It has been brought to our attention that Nexon recently gave some people access to the PTS.

Obviously this is some very exciting stuff, and I'm sure those of you who got to play have many things you want to share with the rest of the Basilmarket/Maplestory community. However, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) rules prevent players from doing so. Thus anything regarding the content of the PTS (or anything that violates the NDA) will be taken down immediately.

Special thanks to @gakinotsukai for his helpful story bringing attention to the matter.

Happy Mapling!

August 12, 2017

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@poeonoios: "By registering for the PTS, you acknowledge and accept the End User License Agreement "EULA", the Terms of Service "ToS", and the Nondisclosure Agreement "NDA". Any violation of the code of conduct will result in a ban from the PTS and ineligibility for any future PTS participation. Severe offenses may result in a ban from PTS as well as a ban from the regular service."

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@mamaleo: @xdarkshynobi: Public Testing Server. So basically it's a thing where chosen players are able to test out new game content in order to give feedback, find bugs, etc.

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what is pts..

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@poeonoios: I'm not too sure. My guess would be a ban, I'm no expert.

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@poeonoios: If you live outside USA, Nexon can't touch you, which is probably why Luna is barred from the test server in the first place /sarcasm.

A ban is probably more likely, not that I know anything about it.

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So would breaking the NDA result in a ban, or a legal violation with fines?

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@beefly: And that's why we should remind those players to not disclose any information. We were given another opportunity to test new content, we should respect that decision.

@helpingly: While it's been pretty quiet in basil recently, I saw the guys over at reddit frontpage pin a reminder for everyone and I figured something similar should still be done here.

To everyone that got accepted, test your heart out and make sure we are going to be getting stable and working content.

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Watch Nexon NA regret this as the testers test nothing and only release info on the pre-released content like last time.

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