Helpinglys Guide for Diligence and Charm

So this is just the method that I used to get max diligence and max charm. These two may seem totally unrelated, but there is a clear link between them that will can make for a really effective farming of both traits. Keep in mind that because this is a guide for both diligence and charm, I will be describing a method that is streamlined for that process. If you only care about diligence, you do not have to follow this method, and can choose any of the 3 secondary professions. However, for the purpose of this guide, I will be talking about Smithing. Also, keep in mind that this will cost you several hundred million mesos. However, you have to keep in mind that this is the fastest and most efficient way to max these traits.

In this guide I will assume that you have no knowledge of the crafting system at all. When you are level 30, you should receive a quest from a man named Grant in Ardentmill. He offers to teach you professions. Accept his quest and go to Ardentmill. Ardentmill is a town that is located in almost every major city in Maplestory. If you can not find one in a town, let’s say Sleepywood, use the �"Quick Move” button under your mini-map to teleport straight into Ardentmill.

Once inside Ardentmill you will need to learn Mining. This is only important because you need mining in order to learn Smithing, which is the main profession we will be discussing. Anyways, once you learn Mining go ahead and learn Smithing. Once you have learned that, get your mesos ready. At this point you will need to scour the FM in an attempt to find cheap silver ores. I personally would not buy them for more than 200k a piece. Once you have enough plates, you will need about 200 (it’s ok if you go over, especially if you’re hoping to get charm). Once you have gathered all of your silver plates, go to Ardentmill and then start to craft the basic silver arrows (they cost 1 silver plate each). Do this repeatedly until you get to Level 10 smithing. Keep in mind, due to the fatigue cap you won’t be able to do this in one day unless you buy some fatigue potions, which isn’t necessary at all. It should not take more than 3 days to gather all the materials that you need.

Once you have reached level 10 Smithing, this is where the real meso draining comes in. At this point you should buy hundreds of the following items: Dark Crystals, Black Crystals, Advanced Item Crystals, Rock of Times, and Advanced Abrasives. Once you gather all of these materials, begin to craft Timeless shoes. We craft Timeless shoes because they give the most Smithing exp at the lowest cost possible. Also, you want to craft the shoes for all 5 classes because there is a 15 minute cooldown for crafting one type of shoe. However, if you don’t really mind about the wait and want maximum charm outputs later, you can choose to only craft the shoe for your class and choose to wait out the 15 minute cooldown. Otherwise, you can craft 5 shoes every 15 minutes. Once you have all the shoes, you can either just throw em out to make space, sell them, or go to channel 1 ardentmill so you can find an extractor and try to get some of your Advanced Item Crystals back. However, keep the shoe for your class (do not equip them just yet; put in the storage and leave on your mules because by the time you have max diligence, you’ll have a lot of shoes)

Once you reach level 11 Smithing, congratulations you are a Master Craftsman! What do you do now? Wait. In approximately 24 hours your diligence level will drop back down to lvl 10; however, all you will need to do at this point is craft one more shoe (preferably the shoe for your class). This constant leveling between 10 and 11 will give you 2080 diligence a day. Just rinse and repeat until you are at max diligence. It took me about a month to go from level 60 diligence to max.
Now, here is where the charm comes in. The reason why you are crafting Timeless shoes is because they give 90 charm a piece. Now, if you followed all the steps for the diligence you should have at least 30 shoes for your class. At this point you should have max diligence so Smithing is no longer a concern. Unlearn smithing and learn Herbalism and Alchemy. Alchemy allows you to fuse these shoes, giving you a new shoe with more charm. So, once you learn alchemy, fuse a bunch of noob objects (can pick up from Henesys) until you are a high enough level to fuse the Timeless shoes. When you are a high enough level, wear all your shoes, get all the charm from them, and then fuse the untradeable ones for even more charm. However, this will not be enough charm to get you all the way to max; so what do you do? That’s where all the extra materials you have come in. Transfer those over to mules and use your mules to make more charm shoes that you can just transfer over to your main. However, since there is still a 15 minute cooldown, I recommend that you make at least 2 mule characters that can make the shoes so you’re working at 2 shoes every 15 minutes (which is 270 charm). The best class for this would be a pirate since they come with extra inventory slots by default.
Hopefully this was a helpful guide for your diligence and charm! Happy Mapling~

March 15, 2016

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Thanks for your question! Glad you found it helpful. Yes the hours count even though you are not online.
Well, if you do not care about the charm, then you can craft arrows like @chicken said. Keep in mind that going from level 10 to 11 will take a lot longer, but to go back from 10 to 11 when you go down will only require that you craft like 10-20 depending on how quickly you get back to it.

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Cheapest way is to craft arrows from silver/opals :T
Will take a lot longer than the method in the topic though.

Reply March 15, 2016

question- what's the most efficient/cheapest way to farm diligence for lv100?

Reply March 15, 2016

Nice guide! I'm gonna try it out now
just a question.. are the hours untill my smithing/alchemy drops from level 11 to 10 still counted when I'm not logged in? Or should I be online that number of hours for it to drop?

Reply March 15, 2016

Once you reach level 11 charm, congratulations you are a Master Craftsman!
Typo, there
OT : Nice guide, Its very Helpingly of you to type this.

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@helpingly The cost for a lunch in my school is less than the cost of a surprise box

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Don't forget that a maint will reset the max of any trait you got that day. If you got 500 diligence before the maint, you can get another 500 after it.

Reply March 15, 2016

Probably worthwhile editing the following wiki pages before this page gets lost in time.

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@repentant: Weird. I never thought there was a difference.

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@nitsua2789: Weird. When I was leveling Diligence it took 13 hours (rounded down to the nearest hour) for my mastery to decay. Do Alchemy and Smithing have different decay rates? O.o

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@nitsua2789: Thanks <3. I never really paid attention, just assumed it was 24.

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It's about 18 hours to decay from Lv11 Smithing back to Lv10.

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