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Hey guys. So I've taken a break from Maple for a couple of months now due to school and being busy.

However, I'm on my winter break now that I'm done with finals and decided that I should test out the waters of Maplestory once more. That being said, the new U/I and all of that stuff is quite overwhelming and I'm finding myself a bit lost.

I don't plan on heavily investing myself in this game as much as I used to, so I don't what to try to complete every event that has come out with this V update. So, I was wondering if you all could help me and steer me towards which events you think are worthwhile. I have also heard that there is a new V coin shop. Anything worthwhile in there?

Last time I played was when they made RA soloable and changed Zak so that CZAK is a bit more of a challenge compared to what it was before. So if there have been any significant changes since then, that would be nice to know too.
Thanks a ton .

December 9, 2016

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A player made a thread on how the coin shop items looks like

V boxes caps at 30 coins.
Santa boxes caps at 10 coins.
There are events rewards exclusive to newly created characters, which gives various rewards such as coins.

Reply December 9, 2016

Auction house got revealed as well. Its a cool place to sell those crystals, grind items/ scrolls if you dont have a permit or shop. I would still leave the bigger sales for FM though~

Reply December 9, 2016

The servers have gone straight down the toilets, because reboot is causing tons of lag.
It's very very very very enjoyable.

Burning event, V Update, 5th Job coming out on the 15th, new boss "Lucid" the best grill, and yea some revamps.

Reply December 9, 2016

They made RA soloable? I gotta try that.

Reply December 9, 2016