General Mercedes

ways to spend 40k nx hi basil how do you recommend to spend 40k nx to improved your damage. my mercedes has full empress all unpotted except for a noob 8 att falcon glove i plan to replace with dojo in the future. im kinda scared to pot them :3 7 att helm 6 att overall clean cape(errm 1.7b yea) and 142 att dbg. im planning to spend 8k to transfer dabr and htp eh 3l rare and use 12.9k for perm 2nd pendant. i dunno should i cube the htp or spend it on red leaf high for training purposes. my current pendant is 10 att MoN. soo yea advice comments? should i even bother with the 2nd slot? as for mesos i have 130ish mil left. i dont even see the reason for changing nx into mesos atm since i cant get rid of this empress set </3 i also forgot to

General Evan

Should i switch class im an evan with about 37k range clean 38 included dabr. im wondering should i sell all my funds to make another char. i do about 180-250k regular and 270-360ks crit without imprint. my staff is vip 3l rare with 232 att(perfectly scrolled+lucky 7 aee non fail in a row :DD) and i have about 80% int. my gears are 10% belt/shoes 9% helm/overall, 15% htp, 15% earring, so gong gloves, 14 matt cape, and a clean rising sun pendant. thats a bit over 5b funding so im wondering is it wise to switch