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Audiophiles post your headphone collection Audiophiles of basil, it is time to post your headphone collection! I currently own: Sony MDR-V600 Denon AH-D510 Sennheiser CX-500 (technically in-ears) Sennheiser HD448 (crap compared to the sony, denons and audio technicas but its still good) Audio Technica ATH-M50 I use my denons the most since the quality is great and its also lightweight, but my m50s come second. I don't use my v6s since they're really heavy like my m50s and i never use my hd448s. I only use my cx-500s when im out since they're in ears so they're easier to use. how about you guys?

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My DayZ Rage Finally got the game due to the Daily deal from the summer steam sale, and got in. I knew the game was hard and all but man... Here's my story: I went through 2 towns, trying to open doors that couldn't be opened... Lost like 3000 blood and got nothing... Finally I found an airfield. I was really excited, so I explored through, dodging zombies and being sneaky... it and I found junk... There were a bunch of unlootable soldier bodies and the buildings were all empty of loot. Did someone empty this place out before me or are airfields empty by default? I'm still unarmed T.T Game's enjoyable but it sucks when you can't fight back. Scrap Metal Fuel Tank HE Grenade (needs a gun I think) Empty Tin Cans Empty Soda Cans Ammo How do you

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