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The Anime Inuyasha I just finished Blood+ on my anime marathon for this summer and I've been thinking of restarting Inuyasha. The only things I remember from it are the very scattered memories of episodes from the old Adult Swim days, staying up till midnight to watch. Is it worth it? I remember the Band of Seven arc was pretty enjoyable but I didn't watch the entire thing. Anime streaming didn't exist at that time... I was going to start over from episode 1. LMK if it's worth it. Next on my list is also Neon Genesis Evangelion: is it worth it?

General Anime

Completed Anime recommendations? Since I've recently graduated from HS, I have a lot of free time during the summer, which is time to watch some new anime :) Any recommendations on anime that have been completed? I've seen: One Piece Bleach Naruto Code Geass Great Teacher Onizuka Great Teacher Onizuka Shonan 14 Days Shonan Junai Gumi Berserk Gantz Fairy Tail Rurouni Kenshin Steins;Gate High School of the Dead Full Metal Alchemist Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood YuYu Hakusho Prince of Tennis Adventure King Beet Usagi Drop Mobile Suit Gundam Zatch Bell Samurai Champloo Yakitake! Japan Thanks No: TTGL, Death Note, Guilty Crown