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Pokemon BW episodes 1/2 is here! The premier for Pokemon Black/White is finally here! enjoy! Episode 1 part 1: part 2: Episode 2 part 1: part 2: i'm liking the new team rocket theme. [b]SUMMARY:[/b] (taken from serebii forums, although i edited a bit) - Oak invites Ash and his mom to a Pokemon professor summit in Issue - Ash is really taken in by seeing the new Pokemon - Team Rocket use a new machine to try to catch Ash, Zekrom appears and it shocks Pikachu, overloading it and causing it to lose its electric abilities. - Giovani tells Team Rocket to leave their Pokemon behind (except for Mewoth) and catch new ones native to Issue so as to not call attention to themselves since it seems nothing but Isshu region Pokemon exist here. - Ash meet