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This is for all current-uni/college students...

So I'm going to be a freshman at uni this fall, and school starts on Sep 4. Where do you guys keep your valuables such as small electronics (ipod, ipad, etc.) or your wallet when you're sleeping or just hanging in your dorm?


August 18, 2012

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I just came back from my college orientation and there was a ring on the top drawer of the desk for a lock. but your roommates will most likely not steal from you, and as long as you close your door properly you should be fine. other than that, you can make a inconspicuous storage for your stuff like a shoebox in your closet so you won't give your roommates the impression that you think they're a bunch of shady thugs. no need to raise the tension.

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It's not like I don't trust my roommate but I just like being assured my valuables are safe when there are others in my room or if I'm out and my roommate brings other people in. Stuff like that.
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In my dormitory, there is a storage unit in the closet with a lock in it. If you don't have a lock, you can buy one for as cheap as $10 and create your own secret and locked compartment.
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You shouldn't have to worry about the safety of those items if only you and your roommate are in the room (if it's gone you know who took it). I just keep all of my things either lying in random places or in my closet/drawer, I didn't nor did I know anyone who had trouble with things being stolen.

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Buy a small safe or a firebox (costs about $20-$30), then hide it somewhere in your room. If you can't trust your roommate then ask your RA or hall manager if they'll hold onto it for you (such as keeping it in the dorm's office, etc)

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[quote=Epikcolours]Sometimes in my car or i carry it with me. I know my room mate has a safe under his bed.[/quote]

Won't be having a car where I am going and I don't think i'll have a safe lol I don't want to be carrying my wallet/phone when I'm sleeping...

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