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Who is still on Basil?

and why are you here?

0 February 14, 2020

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I wanted to see how old my account was

Reply March 4, 2020

started playing a ps again and just curious and wondering if my bannedstory made-avatar still existed, lol... hehe

Reply February 25, 2020

I got nostalgic for 2012 Basilmarket again

Reply February 24, 2020

bored @ work

Reply February 22, 2020

Nostalgia I suppose...

Reply February 19, 2020

sometimes i type "b" in the url address bar and basilmarket still pops up because I don't really go to any other sites that start with b

Reply February 16, 2020

@dalsia: unfortunately i dont see many new threads lol. But that's respectable dedication.

Reply February 15, 2020

Basil has been the home page on my browser since around 2006. I never changed it, so I automatically visit the site every day. Plus, I just have many good memories of Basil, and simply checking out a page or two every now and then fills me with nostalgia.

Reply February 15, 2020 - edited

I had a nostalgic moment with my friends last night about playing Runescape. So now I'm trying to log on to all my old accounts haha

Reply February 15, 2020 - edited