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Hi guys,

Haven't touched this game in years but just remembered it still existed. How's the current game, community and population? Is this game worth getting back into? Last time I played, I think mechs were the newest job, I think?

thanks ya'll

July 10, 2015

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Ok thanks guys, is there something I can read to catch up on latest things and to update my gear?

Reply July 11, 2015

Mechs? Thats the Big Bang update. That's like 6-7 years ago? That's a lot of content and updates. The game is pretty hard to get into because of the many things in Maple.
If you find a mentor or a guild, im sure someone will explain the game in its current state. But like others are saying, just try it out.
Compared to Big Bang the population is down to at least 30% of that. Which is a shocker, but there is definitely people to talk to and hang out with. With World merges taking place not too long ago, many servers are decently active. If you however did compare the population to when you played, it would be considered dead.

The community just depends on the group you hang around with. Their are the Elites, Hackers, Dupers, Henehoes, Bossers, talkative, casual or combinations of the listed. Just gotta find the right people to talk to and hang out with

The current game is definitely improving, older players are rejoining and people are saying the game is getting less "Pay to Win".
Ultimately, it's all up to you and how you find the game. We can all describe the game to you now but you really need to experience it for yourself if you want to come back or not.

Reply July 10, 2015

The games still good imo. They just released a major story content called "Black Heaven" and the story and interactivity is on point. A lot of new classes came out and a bunch of revamps, especially to explorers. The game became less of a pay to win. They added spell traces to enhance equipment, star force to star equipment, and even set up a shop that has items that used to be Cash Shop exclusive. They also released new sets such as the Pensalir set and the AbsoLab sets. Boss tab now sends you directly to the boss and they have a bunch of storyline quest.

Reply July 10, 2015

The game has become pathetically easy on terms of leveling up. The merching economy is slighting improving with the events we have so far, but you need to step ur A game up to merch eventful items. Bossing is easier to approach, with certain ones offering easy .mode like zakum. Hyper tele rocks can be bought for one day every 7 days I think now. Equipment is a bit cheaper than what is was, buy eh, thats Scania imo. Play the game, if u dont likr the new system, dont play, if you do, play. Lol. Pce.

Reply July 10, 2015

It takes a while to get accustomed to all the new features but after you do so you will find it enjoyable trust me.

Reply July 10, 2015

play it yourself. if you like it, stay. if you don't like it, leave.

Reply July 10, 2015

luv this game to death. get out before you foam at the mouth due to excitement.

Reply July 10, 2015

it's not a newb friendly game. it thrives on "events" that players rather consume than actual content. upon logging in, you'll be overwhelmed by the sickening number of events it wants you to participate in; including events that require your daily attendance. leveling is a breeze doh.

Reply July 10, 2015

You never know until you try. I think you'll see this game as a totally different game than what you left.

Reply July 10, 2015