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How much damage at 1.3m range?

As a night lord, about how much damage am i able to do with around 1.3m range?
currently at 1.6m as a shadower and i am one-shotting the flyons for nodes, and i was thinking about job changing to night lord temporarily for the slight increase in drop rate.
my range will drop due to using a claw with lower attack, and a poopy ish secondary in mind, is it worth it to job change, or will i not be able to kill flyons with one hit anymore?

0 February 8, 2017


Just use nodes to level up Showdown and you'll be fine.

Reply February 9, 2017

@hikari: I tried with 1.3m range and 140 Arcane Force. I attacked with Showdown and they have like 25% of their HP left.

Reply February 8, 2017

@hualicious: please do. 140 arcane force right now, and if you cant 1hko, then that saves me some mesos

Reply February 8, 2017

I can test it for you, but I don't think you will be able to 1hko Flyons anymore, besides the amount of Arc Force you have.

Reply February 8, 2017