I have a burning question Out of the two options in the poll what would you play and why? I'm into bossing and questing so I'm thinking about becoming an I/l. However I also like to support and grind in parties. Which brings me to this question. Is it possible to be an attacker on a Bishop? If so, what kind of range should I aim for to be able to attack efficiently? I'm still level 10 so I'm hoping I can make a decision by level 30... I can be very indecisive and I appreciate the help! ^^ L>Friends and guildies to help me out my mage. Maybe a burning buddy IGN:SmashingDatA

General Fun

Metal Musicians Unite I use to play a lot of guitar but then I moved to vocals and just sort of worked with that. I recently started writing again but my vocal style no longer reflects my guitar playing style I jam with a band but I'm not in one. (I like writing by myself.) My vocal and drumming style are influenced by metal. The last time I wrote anything on guitar was punk rock/heavy metal. Now I'm in to death metal/metalcore ambient and djent tones now. I would like to play some sort of happy medium. I only have my [url=http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/b.c.-rich-mockingbird-one-electric-guitar] old[/url] 6 string with out any pedals. Is there a huge learning curve for these genres or are my roots pretty solid? My pick ups can play


Pet thread Post a pic of your pet or pets in game. When did you get it(them)? Is it one of your favorites? Got a name? Mine is a perm white Persian cat named Simba. I bought him back during the first db release. I was stoked when adventurers became an explorer class because I ended up sharing it with my adventurers after that. With this recent cs transfer event I was able to transfer him to my Shade. I love cats so this is one of my favorite pets. [url=http://i.imgur.com/h81zJKW.jpg?1]Simba[/url]

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