Price Check on Surprise Boxes

I got 101 Surprise Style Boxes from Marvel Machine, I just want a p/c on the stuff i got.
90 Day Items:
Bunny Ears
Ebony Pimpernal Cape
Dog Tail
White Beanie
Star Tail
Ghost Weapon
Tiger Tail
Fallen Angel Wings
White Outlaw Shirt
Battle Mage Hat
Bunny Earmuffs
Dainty Cape
Red Hip hop Pants
Pink Argyle Plaid
Winged Costume
Pink Bow
Ebony Pimpernal Boots
Grey Visor Hat
Gray Bell Robe
Red Hooded Coat
Red Checkered Shirt
Black Aviator Shades
Snowflake Scarf
Puppy Tail(Black)
Black Hit Me Shirt
Demon Sickle
Baby Ellie
Shooting Star
Tiger Tail
Glowy Patterned Cap
Black Bow
Superstar Headphones
Dark Suit(Male)
Green Suspenders
Plasma Saber
Dracula Cloak
Blade Overall
Head Bandage
Aran's Cape
LED Sunglasses
Chocolate Dipped Stick(HUE HUE)
Pirate Captain's Hat
Yellow Cat Hood
Brown Aviator Shades
Kitty Spirit Weapon
Preppy Knit Vest
Stylish Layered Plaid
Vintage Hooded Shirt
Battle Mage Staff
Aqua Seraphim
Bunny Earmuffs
Magic Hat
Fallen Angel Tail
Dark Seraphim
Transparent Knuckle

Perm NX:
Ebony Pimpernal Hat
Ebony Pimpernal Cape
Dainty Hat
Belt Coat
Yellow Cat Hood

Any help is appreciated. Also if you're interested in any of these in Khaini buddy me or PM me.

July 6, 2013

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[quote=Ecyz]Ouch, that's a disappointing amount of permanent stuff.[/quote]Well I got like 3 of each besides the cat hood. But it really shows the odds of getting perm stuff.
Not worth actually buying.

Reply July 6, 2013

Ouch, that's a disappointing amount of permanent stuff.

Reply July 6, 2013

Sorry 3 post and no answers! I'm desperate.

P/c 10 attack 12 dex 1 slot Tree branch nose Scania

Reply July 6, 2013

In Rene, I've seen people put the 90 day items for 50-75m and they sell rather well.

Reply July 6, 2013