Shadower rerolling

i've been considering rerolling for a while now because shadowers have lost their niche and have just gotten boring. i dont know much about shades but from what i've seen they're amazing bossers and that's my primary focus, i wasn't playing when they were first released.
can anyone explain what kind of state they're in right now?
including base status resist, if they're good at mobbing, what bosses they're bad at, etc.

September 28, 2015

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I can't recall what our base status resist was atm but personally I haven't had any problems at any boss so far. Our back step is a god send, basically no buffs to cast and we got amazing bossing utilities that are unique to our class and wanted in boss runs. In a future class re-balance patch, we don't really get hit hard either. We just get increased cool down times on some of our bossing utilities and I believe our mobbing skill gets buffed with increased power and atk speed. We will also be getting an extra 15% crit rate, which is great for shades. I think shades are in a really good spot atm and in the future. I say get one to 120+ just to get a feel of it. We also get 100% chance to ignore a fatal attack and our link skill gives us a 10% chance to ignore a fatal attack, which believe it or not, has saved me more then one would think lol.

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