Advice for scrolling DKhanjars

I can't find any shield att scrolls in the fm at all.
I've seen one sold for 1mil about a month ago, which almost made me cry.
Are there any alternatives? I know I can chaos it, but that's pretty risky.

June 20, 2013

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Ive chaosed my DK with chaos scroll of goodness. So far its +3 26 att. Imma use CS and keep going with the goodness ones

Reply June 20, 2013

Take it from me, DO NOT USE CHAOS SCROLLS. I chaosed 3 DKhanjars and best stats I got was 28 att

Reply June 20, 2013

Buying duped gear isn't a 'trap' it's more of a short(ish) term investment.

I paid like $9 for 20atk GEE-Still have it. Yes, there's a good chance it will eventually be deleted, but in terms of the amount of bang for my buck, it was a great purchase.
As for my DKhan, scrolling and cubing anything even close to as good would take forever, and cost probably 10-20x as much. Again, I'm happy to use it while I can.

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60% Shield attack are at like an all time low if that makes you feel better, I've seen like a handful of them in Scania for 50-80m lately. I wouldn't buy a duped one. A good shield takes a LONG time to make if you're being careful, but the satisfaction from knowing you made one is fantastic.

I ended up using two 30s and 5 70%'s on a VIP shield (and almost fainting every time) to get it to 14atk, then clean slated and spent like 500m in 60%'s a couple years later with some 50% hammers bringing it up to 20atk, finishing it off with an anvil to look like a Dragon Khanjar. Is it as good? No. But I made it, and I'm still pretty darn proud that I made it.

Unfortunately cubing/neb is a different story. I just got stuck wtih 8% LUK way back when which got nerfed to 6% LUK and said screw it and I haven't cubed it since.

Reply June 20, 2013

don't buy a duped one ! Don't fall into that trap...There is much more satisfaction knowing you made your own gear.
However scrolling something such as that takes patience cause it took my friend a year and a half to finally scroll his 27matk shield and I am on treck to do the same with my dkhan and I am using dark scrolls if you wanted to know

Reply June 20, 2013

i meant scrolled and cubed,
@TS you could take my scrolls for ~30m ea, (420m total) and get 100 diligence and you'll probably land 2-3 slots depending on how lucky you are, or use lucky day scrolls and land around 4.2 scrolls :-] (use leaves for slating)
yay for xfer

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40atk+ DKhans really aren't all that expensive.

I paid 3.2b for my 42atk, 3lUnique 20% Luk.

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@oOpoleyOo Duped DKhans that are clean range from 3-4b.

Chaos or buy 60%shield for WA for 100-150m lol.

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i have shield att 10% scrolls + 3 att, got 14 of them if you're dead keen on perfecting it, u should get the scrolls, xfer them to khaini, wait for cs sale for scroll protection to come back and scroll,
or just buy a 44 att duped khanj for like 9b which is probably what it'll cost

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Use chaos of goodness or incredible chaos scrolls

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