which damage skin?

Which damage skin do you guys think is better for warriors? hard hitting or keyboard warrior? also how rare is hard hitting? I got the hard hitting one from the jackpot and I like it but it looks more better on a thief imo.

July 15, 2014

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Keep in mind there are more damage skins that have yet to be released, so if none of the ones currently available don't completely suit your preference, just wait it out.

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It's all about the default skin

Reply July 15, 2014

They're both hideous in my eyes
I prefer classic.
I find that since we can't have some sort of damage skin book that allows us to collect skins and switch them when we get bored of them it's a massive waste of time since they're not completely permanent (I can't say oh I'll just get this new skin and then use it for now and change back to the old one once I get bored of that one)

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I have the hard hitting right now, but im gonna get the keyboard warrior because flashy

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I like the Keyboard warrior. It's big and it glows intensely with critical.

[url=]Kewra's; start at 1:06[/url]

[url=]Misusing's; start at 2:03[/url]

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[quote=ModerateTrader]Question: Can others see the damage skin?[/quote]
Yes, others can see it

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Question: Can others see the damage skin?

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