Eternal Magnum is still Eternal

So I made this thread on July 13, 2014 about how I couldn't drop the item, sell it, or extract it. Luckily there was an update to remove it but today I logged on and it's still there and I still can't drop it. Was it supposed to be removed automatically or am I supposed to do something?

[Complete] Scheduled Server Maintenance - March 5, 2015
Changes and Updates:

Back end modifications and updates will be made to the servers.
The Eternal Magnum that was given in the 7/13 Hot Day will be removed from players inventory if they were unable to use it.
The Gachapon reward list will be updated.
The Premium Surprise Style Box reward list will be updated.
Double Maple Rewards Event ends.

May 1, 2015

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... I still have mine. My precious inventory space!

Reply May 3, 2015

[b]Eternal only sometimes, until the next server check. Soon(tm)[/b]

Reply May 1, 2015

[b]Forever eternal[/b]

Reply May 1, 2015