Do 50% pink scrolls explode your weapon?

hi, do the 50% pink scrolls have a chance of booming your weapons? first time scrolling with pink scrolls so i just wanted to make sure. i am very paranoid. i want to use the Scroll for One-Handed Weapon ATT 50% since it doesn't say that the item will be destroyed upon failing i am assuming it will be safe.

July 2, 2014

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thanks everyone it's just i never really bothered to scroll anything with pink scrolls so i don't have much knowledge on them. what are spell traces are they easy to obtain?

Reply July 2, 2014

If it doesn't say on the scroll the it doesn't boom. Pink scrolls been around for years now. If it boomed people would have said something long ago.

Reply July 2, 2014

They don't. It's the 20% pink scrolls that boom the equipment.

Reply July 2, 2014