Which class to pick?

First post, just trying to get some help with which class to pick. I'm looking to make either an Aran, Evan or Ark for my tera burning character. I've never gone past level 140 with a character but I'm looking to. Out of the 3 which one is the best for getting through all content? I'm looking for something that's above average in mobbing and bossing (doesn't have to be S Tier) and that scales well unfunded that (hopefully) isn't a one skill button masher. Can anyone recommend one?

December 7, 2018

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Well none of those is a one button wonder class. Of the three I'd recommend Evan. Even if you decide against maining it, Evan is a fantastic class to have when it comes to training other characters due to its link skill. Evan, Mercedes, and Aran are the most important ones to get out of the way early since they help with training others.

The criteria you gave, good mobbing, bossing, and multiple skills to use, really apply to all 3, and all 3 links are very good anyway, so whichever one you choose will probably be fine.

Reply December 8, 2018

I agree. Go with Ark. Only downside to Ark is that he is a bit squishy and can't really take a whole lot of heavy damage. Otherwise Ark is a decent character.

Reply December 8, 2018

I would go for Ark, lots off Mobility, good bossing a pretty good mobber.

Reply December 7, 2018