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Music Thread for Basil Sake This place is a ghost town, everywhere I look, silhouettes. Just faceless people and shadows around corners. leme start you kiddies out:

0 February 19, 2013

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[url=]How can you say this isn't amazing?[/url]
Reply February 20, 2013

[quote=GoToSleep]Any music besides rap is gay. End of story. lilwayne yolo money[/quote] Lil' Wayne just came out of the closet. fail stop

Reply February 19, 2013

[quote=thunderbro][url=]Did somebody say lavender town?[/url][/quote] was kind of a shock but soothing in a relative way

Reply February 19, 2013

[quote=Devincy][url=]Yes, I did.[/url][/quote] my turn [url=]so solemn[/url]

Reply February 19, 2013

[quote=Devincy]Lavender Town BGM[/quote] [url=]Did somebody say lavender town?[/url]

Reply February 19, 2013
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