Illusion step or spirit link

I had a thread up about this earlier but I forgot it was for both archers

anyways before you jump to conclusion that spirit link is better you need some explanation

spirit Link may give 15% total damage
BUT if illusion step stacks with potential ( in other words the skill gives 40 dex, with 50% dex, you get 60dex from the skill)
also it gives avoid, avoiding the recast of hurricane allowing us to stand in place and keep shooting. In my opinion Illusion step is good if it stacked with dodge and totalled to 50% dodge rate.

Note: 1 tespian said is doesn't seem to be working right now

September 24, 2011

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[quote=huy123]anyways before you [b]jump[/b] to conclusion[/quote]

I see what you did there

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Since IS and EB don't seem to work together, and 1 second of crits is only 1 US anyway, I'm doing straight SL before IS.

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[quote=stoopkid]Spirit link is beautiful. Best buff ever.

Maybe for BMs, if you REALLY hate the time it takes to restart hurricane. I tried spirit link in Tespia though and the defense, hp, and attack bonuses are so nice.

Also I don't think illusion step was ever meant to add 30% dodge rate. If you read the description, it adds 30% avoidability, and we all know that avoid is almost worthless nowadays.[/quote]

The time it takes to start hurricane is like a millisecond. Illusion step is a dodge rate it appears, while evasion boost MIGHT add to avoidability.

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SL is better for damage and survivabilty no matter which way you look at it, really. But you're like me and I'll probs get illusion step before SL cause I feel cool when things miss me.

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15% total damage is greater than 12-20 attack and a little avoid

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