Post Red Questions Hey guys, I quit during the RED update after getting to 200 for the first time, but now I am thinking of continuing. I have some questions about the current state of the game and was hoping that those with experience would help me out. :) 1. Why is RA so cheap right now? How can I farm for the equips? 2. How can I make money? Mastery books are useless, krexel is gone, etc.. 3. I heard the professions got revamped. Are they worth doing? If so which ones? 4. Where can I level up post 200? Is there somewhere better than HoH? 5. I am thinking of switching from DrK to Pally. Is there a huge difference in DPS between the two, or is it just about personal preference?


Identifying somebodys characters? So today, I ran into a little conflict with some guy in the FM. Normally it's not a big deal right? But somehow he figured out who all of my other characters were AND he got access to my youtube channel. He's been threatening to harass me in game and online, and so my question to you, basilers, is how has he managed to find the ign's of all my characters? Is there some website that lists all the characters in gms and what accounts they are on? I know these kinds of sites exist for LoL so they may certainly exist for maple too. Thanks

General Aran

Pole Arm Booster? Sooooooo I went back into my skills today because I didn't max final toss, when I realized that pole arm booster now apperently "triples attack speed". I didn't realized this before, because I never used polearm booster... I thought that with a PSB (fast attack speed) and polearm mastery (Attack speed + 1 step) that I would be attacking at max speed. But when I decided to try out polearm mastery just for giggles, I realized that I seem to be attacking MUCH faster. So, I was wondering if there is a new tier of speed? It always used to go Slower~Slow~Normal~Fast~Faster, is there a new tier, like fastest or something? Or does booster just raise attack speed regardless? Either way I am very happy about this discovery