"돈슨 is Korean for Donson. 돈 (Don) means money. Korean players who play Nexon games often call the company the nickname 'Donson'. These players believe that the company earn this nickname, because they have to spend a lot of money on ridiculous items in Cash Shop while Nexon earn s much more. One good example of this is the Cube item in MapleStory. Or the Gachapon-type of item. Today, Nexon has created this video and used the nickname from the players to admit and critized its faults. It is clearly that Nexon wants to shed the Donson-image. Why did they use the term Donson in their own video? Because G-STAR is coming soon. G-STAR is a gaming convention equal to the E3, but in South Korea. Nexon will attend this convention and


Mr. Lee Nerfed [quote=Artasi]Hi everyone, Sorry for the silence on this. We have been hard at work to figure out the best solution overall. In order to resolve this issue, the following decisions have been made, and these changes will go into affect during the unscheduled maintenance today: A time limit of 60 minutes has been added for completing the quest on the island. The number of "Castaway Monsteroot" which spawn on the "Root Habitat" map has been reduced. The EXP granted from all monsters on the island has been decreased slightly. No bans will be made because of this, so please don't fret.[/quote] !-Mr-Lee-Airlines%2Fpage23

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