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P/c on some items Hi, does anyone know the prices on these items? In Scania please. EQUIPS -Tyrant Charon Belt (PSoK'd) -SW soulshooter -Empress cannon -Empress mage gloves -Empress pirate cape -E-Staff 6 -Crystal heart (perm) -Gold heart (perm) -Garnet heart (perm) -loveless pescas MOUNTS -90 day dragon -90 day owl -1 year owl MISC -unique pot. scroll 60% -25% boss neb -6% crit rate neb CHAIRS -stork swing -blue mesodizer -lucky moon bunny -gollux -gollux head -chair on the range -dragon skull -yellow tent -devil black dog throne -bright night owl chair -rainy fox -TV recliner -petronas towers chair -tropical cooler chair Thanks in advance.

General Shadower

Thoughts on Red Shad Revamp So I'm pretty sure many of you have seen the revamp that shads got for RED by now. So I just want your thoughts on it. And yes I'm pretty sure many of you are disappointed because our revamp doesn't seem so "big" in comparison to what warriors, mages and archers got. But let's try to ignore that fact and focus on the changes we did get. I could just tell you go to [url=][/url] to see the changes yourself. But there were some changes that weren't mentioned in his list. I like being thorough in

General Shadower

Red - Shadower Revamp This is like what? the thousandth thread about it so far? edit: Just so that this doesn't cause confusion, this list is only an interpretation of the patch notes that was released before Orangemushroom's. There might be somethings that are missing or inaccurate. [b]FIRST JOB[/b] [i]Flash jump[/i] -moved to first job -can "double jump" (similar to AB's FJ) -can be used during Dark Sight [i]Dark Sight[/i] -doesn't affect your movement speed anymore [b]SECOND JOB[/b] [i]Steal[/i] -Has a chance to drop a random potion that can heal hp/mp when looted aside from the normal things. -gives 30 att for 3 min [i]Savage Blow[/i] -animation change -changed into a mob skill, mobs 8 monsters -hits 3 times per monster -longe


Maplestory Red - V [url=][/url] Officially confirmed to be 5th job. I wonder what will the level requirement be? What do you think will be the name of the 5th job for your class? (for Adventurers at least cause we're the only ones with actual names from each advancement) What type of skills are you hoping that they will add? Also, [url=][/url] Nexon? Listening to the players for once? Impossible!

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Red Thief Revamp Predictions So, many of you should have known by now, the Warrior and Mage revamp was released in KMST. Once again Nexon leaves thief, pirate and archer to be last. :~( I think after seeing their revamp, we can get a general idea of how our revamp might turn out. Anyways, what skills are you hoping to be revamped/deleted for your thief class? And what new type of skill are you hoping to get? Please state your class, what skill you want to be changed/removed and the reason why. Edit: Anyone else think that Dark Flare and Sudden Raid should be deleted?

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Hyper Skills Tomorrow What's the first thing that you're gonna do with your hyper skills when we get them tomorrow? I'll probably go zak or HT to try out VoS. Can't wait to use Flip the Coin :D edit: Hoping for that mini revamp to be included too For those who don't know: Shadower: Muspelheim - number of monsters hit has been increased from 4 to 8 Shadower: Meso Explosion - range has been increased Shadower: Shadow Instinct - duration has been increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds Shadower: Assassinate - critical chance has been adjusted [i]*Muspellheim = Phase Dash[/i] [url=]

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