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list your gaming computers specs Do you have a good computer to run games on? (cut and paste) CPU: Mobo: Ram: Video Cards: Hard drives: Keyboard: Mouse: Monitors: Internet speed/type: Case: Headphones: Gaming chair: Webcam: Games you play: mine :D CPU: i5-4670k Cooling: Corsair h100 Mobo: ASrock z97E-ITX Ram: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Video Cards: eVGA GeForce GTX 780ti Hard drives: 256GB Samsung ssd, 1TB sata WD Blue Keyboard: Corsair k70 Mouse: ghetto mouse Monitors: Asus VG248QE Internet speed/type: tin can Case: Corsair 250D Headphones: HyperX Cloud2 Gaming chair: dna Webcam: logitech Games you play: GTA5, d3, WoW, CS:GO, DiRT Rally

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