General Art

Maplestory characters into Dolls They're so cute and adowieble aren't they? Wanna see your character in the form of a doll? Of course you do. Comment and I'll [b]definitely[/b] get your doll done. I'll release dolls I've done for you guys in groups of 3. I'm building a "doll" version of Bannedstory for myself, so this is going to be convenient. :D Examples of some dolls I did in the past: If your character has green, pink, blue, or white skin, I will choose light-skinned dolls. [b]Waiting List:[/b] (in no particular order) If you don't want a doll, just tell me, and it'll save me some time. :p You can also PM me whenever you want a doll for a character. You can ask for as much dolls as you want... :D