Honestly Surprised how People still play this Game I am really surprised. The time of when Monster Carnival was avalible during the lvls 30~50 sure brings back memories. It was those party quest where everyone could play competitively and it was so fun! Now everything is so much harder. On a 2D game the thing their adding to the game makes it even more boring. Sure revamps are nice and all, but it just makes players who already playing, continue playing. They shouldve stopped all the big changes from Big Bang, that time sure was great. Now everything is so much harder. Mu lung dojo now sucks. Monster Carnival Sucks. Now better training map for the funded and not for the average(before people used to train in all kinds of places. That was wh

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One of Many Miracles of God - Here it shows a horse and something/someone riding on it. People say it is a solar flare, but how can it show such a detailed image of a horse rider? Allah is in the Muslim side. People who are doing the demo stays there 24/7 reading and doing their religion. So when the army and the police came to exterminate them, Allah showed us that He is watching us, and who that dies will go to paradise if their intention was right. Many of you may not know but Angel is created from Light. So seeing something like this can also mean that the angel was riding on something that is smaller than horse but bigger than donkey, it is just like when Prophet Mohammad (May peace be upon him) rode on the same kind of size horse to g

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